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Our Strategy & Prototype (S&P) package offers a specific scope of services focused on delivering a high-fidelity prototype for your app. With dedicated access to a team of experts including a project manager, UI/UX designer, graphic designer, QA tester, strategist, and support team, we craft the exact look, functionality, and revenue generation of your app. You'll have transparent access to our project management software to track progress, along with a detailed breakdown of the full tech stack and pricing for each feature.

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"Working with the incredible team at Divine Digital has been nothing short of exceptional! Very thorough, professional, and timely. Highly recommend them for any of your app dreams! They’ll make it a reality."

Kimberly K.

Here's How We Do It

1/ Kickoff Meeting at DD HQ

Start off with a deep dive strategy meeting with our team to understand the depths of your concept and strategize our development plan.

3/ Client Review of Scope

Your Project Manager will review the Comprehensive Scope to ensure all details are accurate and every stone has been overturned.

5/ Custom Branded Design Integrated

After the Wireframe is approved and everything is in place where it ought to be, our UI/UX designer will breathe life into the bones with colors, graphics, branding, etc.

7/ Move to Development (or Delivery)

At the end of the S&P, you will either have decided to move onto Development, OR, have taken your completed moving prototype, tech stack and scope with you.

2/ Comprehensive Scope

Based on what we gleaned from the Kickoff Meeting, your Project Manager will work with the development team to build a Comprehensive Scope detailing every inch of your app.

4/ Wireframe Developed

A high-fidelity prototype showcasing every screen of the application, allowing clients to visualize the final product.

6/ Development Proposal Review

At about the 3/4 Mark of the S&P Process, your team will review the development strategy for Step 2; including costs, an opportunity to slim down or beef up the app, and ensure you are prepared for the actual Development Process.

How Long It'll Take

8-10 weeks

How Much You'll Invest


Development costs are determined before Step 2 begins

Who You'll Work With

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Ready to talk?

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