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After your prototype is finalized through our Strategy & Prototype process, our Development Process takes center stage with a strong focus on excellence and quality. We bring your app to life with a dedicated team of seasoned developers, ensuring seamless integration of features and functionalities. Throughout the journey, rigorous QA and testing are a priority, guaranteeing a bug-free and market-ready app. With over 100 successful software projects and scalable solutions, we guide you through Alpha Testing, refining your app for optimal performance and setting the stage for its successful launch.


The whole team at Divine Digital is amazing. We recently created an app with them and they were so easy to work with. They stuck with us through every crazy idea and step. They truly made our dream become a reality.

Billy L.

Here's How We Do It

1/ Agile Spring Planning

Development will begin by defining the backlog items for the project sprints. This iterative planning approach ensures that the most important features are prioritized and developed first.

3/ Integration & API Development

Ensuring that all third-party integrations, internal tools, and APIs work cohesively is crucial. This step involves setting up any required integrations, developing internal APIs, and ensuring that data flows seamlessly between different parts of the application and any third-party services.

5/ Quality Assurance (QA) Testing Phase

Before moving forward, our QA team will rigorously test the app for bugs, performance issues, and other potential pitfalls, ensuring a smooth user experience.

7/ Final Iterations and Adjustments

Based on feedback from QA and Beta testing, the development team makes the necessary final tweaks and adjustments to perfect the app's functionality and appearance.

2/ Backend Infrastructure Setup

Using the approved tech stack and scope, our backend developers set up the necessary servers, databases, and API endpoints required for the app's core functionality.

4/  Frontend Development Begins

Our front-end developers translate the UI/UX designs into functional application interfaces, ensuring smooth navigation and an intuitive user experience.

6/ Client Alpha Testing

We provide you, the client, with an alpha version of the app, allowing for real-world usage and feedback that can lead to further refinements.

How Long It'll Take

12-16 weeks

How Much You'll Invest

$30,000 - $150,000+

Development costs are determined before Step 2 begins

Who You'll Work With


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