Glide Golf 

Glide Golf is a new app that revolutionizes the way golf tournaments and golf fundraisers are planned and executed nation-wide. Glide Golf’s goal is to multiply the impact that charities have by increasing funds raised through golf tournaments.


Truckerd-In is the app for trucking in the 21st century, creating an efficient and time-saving check-in process. This app was created to be an integral part of a trucker’s day-to-day responsibilities. 


Chamillion is a color-changing photo editing App. Transform your images by adding color to your fashion look, hair, accessories, furniture, design ideas, cars, backdrops, logos, and more. With a swipe of a “quick select” tool, you can pick and object you would like to change, highlight it, and choose a new color. 

The Sweet Science +

Sweet Science Boxing gives you training videos, diet meal plans, nutrition tips weight loss plans, home workout tips, and boxing training to improve your fitness, health condition, and training abilities.

Gig2Gig - Performer

Stop carrying around heavy binders of sheet music cuts and headshots. Use Gig2Gig to store all your music, photos, video reels, sides, audition packets, and calendar. 

Cosmo Alexandre Academy

Cosmo Alexandre Moreira da Rocha is a Brazilian professional kickboxer, boxer, and mixed martial artist. He is the former It's Showtime 77MAX World Champion, WMC Intercontinental and WPMF World Champion, W5 World Champion. On December 5, 2009, he won WMC King's Cup Challenger Tournament in Bangkok, Thailand.

Kitchen Kutz

Make the best of your cooking abilities, find your local provider of knives, you can purchase these physical knives through the app and also purchase services like sharpening and others.

Schedule an appointment with your local contact and improve your cooking with the best knives today.

Know God

Welcome to the KNOWGOD App!


Did you know you can actually KNOW GOD and actually have a relationship with him? This app provides accountability for BIBLE READING, PRAYER, and CHRISTIAN ACTION.


An endless collection of great rentals and an opportunity to rent out your items.


Sellers will have the option to post a Buy Now option with every item.

Bar U

Bar U seamlessly connects you to all of your friends to see where everyone is going out tonight. Plus get great deals from local bars & restaurants!


IRolePlay gives users to complete freedom to make any scenario they want and share their creations with the rest of the community. Role-play creation allows users to make in-depth descriptions and individual character bios. If you are not interested in creating content, you can browse the various categories and join the role-plays you find the most intriguing. Thank you so much for joining!

Rendezvous Date

Get to know people and set a Rendezvous today! Rendezvous is an app where you can meet new people around you and set dates to get to know each other. You can interact with other people by liking them and then chatting, setting up a rendezvous location and leaving your feedback for the dates.


The Research purchased from the WAV Group application is a tangible book that will be mailed to the purchaser for consumption.


The definitive source of residential real estate trends, insights and news. Discover strategies for technology, marketing, research, PR, recruiting, and innovation.x

Relentless Christian

Relentless Christian was created to Unite the body of Christ together! Our mission is to connect Christ believers with one another to get the word out on what God is doing in their lives.
All over the world there are Christian Entrepreneurs, Ministries & Churches that create music, apparel, designs, books & miscellaneous items to help Praise and Glorify The Lord.

Doors Open Connect

Doors Open Connect, is a mobile app platform that connects licensed professionals in need with other trusted professionals for paid services. This valuable connection will offer new opportunities that otherwise in the past may have been missed. Doors Open Connect, will allow agents to be in more places at once. It will save valuable time, create and generate new opportunities and leads.

Mission Marketplace

Mission Marketplace is the first of its kind. It is a fund-raising vehicle where users can buy, rent or sell an item, asset or service that is going to benefit a designated cause by giving a minimum of 20% of the profits.


Let our experts at CARSUMERS do the work for you! We use highly experienced “negotiators” to go head to head with the dealerships to make sure you get the best price out there. So now you can sit back and relax, enjoy your day, and let CARSUMERS do the shopping for you!


Taag is the new way to communicate with people nearby. Our app allows for its users to find fun and interesting people to chat with based on their current location or when checked-in to certain bars or locations near them.

Time to Eat

Time to Eat is the easy way to speed up your metabolism. By paying attention to when you eat, your body will burn calories more efficiently. This app will remind you when to eat with a notification and an approximate amount of calories to fit your goals.


HomePROS was developed in an effort to provide the convenience of having all your contractors in one app. You can easily set up your profile and add your HomePROS with just one click. HomePROS- WELCOME HOME!


A tracker that monitors when, your food expires and date of purchase as well as create a designed grocery list, both saving you money and trips to the grocery store, user friendly, simple, and sometimes lifesaving!


The best app to share those special moments with your pets, find pals to view their pictures and videos, have conversations about those cute walks in the park and happy moments, join now and start the best pet experience


Apperone allows you to be aware of all your upcoming travel itineraries and to connect with other members of your group.

Scratch Golf Academy

Changing The Lives Of Golfers In 195 Countries

Join the 40,296 Golfers Who are Actively Using Scratch Golf Academy to Gain Distance, Increase Accuracy, Lower their Handicap, and Have More Fun Playing Consistent Golf!

Legacy Minded Men

This App will point you toward the foundation of Jesus Christ and help you build a life on Him. It will also point you to the kinds of structure Jesus wants for your life.


A unique peer to peer delivery system like no other. Created when needed the most.


Serving our community and helping them get in touch with each other without having to leave their home.


Also, a great tool for small businesses to be able to deliver and serve their customers like never before.

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