What is the overall process to develop an app?

Here at Divine Digital we simplify the process of developing an app into an easy to understand and follow 3 Step process.  Our company has created and perfected the more simplistic and effective process to make the app development process enjoyable and efficient! 

 What comes included in Step 1 of the app development process?

Step 1 starts off with a Think Tank session with the Divine Digital team and the client.  This is our opportunity to ask as many exploratory questions as possible to extract the concepts core functionality and purpose from the client, we like to call this a Brain Dump by the client.  By the end of Step 1, the client will receive a complete and thorough wireframe of the project that outlines all of the major functionality of the app.

 What comes included in Step 2 of the app development process?

Step 2 is the fun part of the process!  During this phase, we are creating and implementing the design of the application to your confirmed wireframe from Step 1.  Adding your logo, colors, images, and animation bring your concept to life for the first time! At the conclusion of Step 2, the client will receive a fully-designed prototype of their app to be used for demonstration and concept confirmation.

 What comes included in Step 3 of the app development process?

Every projects Step 3 is unique to the request of that project.  However, after Step 2 is completed and all functionality and design has been confirmed, we can provide you an exact proposal for Step 3 which is the development of the application.  The timeline and development investment is custom quoted and prepared for each client’s project individually.

On average, how much does it cost to develop an app?

We get this question every day!  The cost for app development has changed significantly over the last few years, it is not as expensive of an investment as it used to be.  However, building a custom application still requires a unique skill set and hundreds to thousands of hours to produce. Even a quick Google search of “how much does it cost to build an app?” will show you that basic apps start around $10,000, moderate apps around $50,000 and complex apps start at $100,000 and above.

How do I know exactly how much my app concept will cost to build?

What is great about our process at Divine Digital, is that you get that pricing transparency early and throughout our entire process.  Prior to even signing Step 1, our team can provide for you a ballpark estimate of the Step 3 investment. After Step 1 is completed and all functionality has been confirmed, we can change the estimate to an exact price point for you to ensure moving forward into Step 2 and Step 3. 

Where does the development process take place? 

During the wireframe and design portion of the 3 Step development process, these services are produced out of our headquarters office in Naples, FL.  Typically our development takes place amongst our remote developer network.  These developer team members work with our headquarters office on a daily basis so that we can streamline development and communication directly with the client, no matter where they are located!