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  • What is the overall process to develop an app?
    Here at Divine Digital we simplify the process of developing an app into an easy-to-understand and follow 3 Step process. Our company has created and perfected a more simplistic and effective process to make the app development process enjoyable and efficient!
  • What comes included in the Strategy + Prototype step of the process?
    The prototype step visualizes and brings your app to life. During this phase, we are outlining all features and functionality into a fully prototyped wireframe. Next, we add your logo, colors, images, and animation bring your concept to life for the first time! At the conclusion of Step 1, the client will receive a fully-designed prototype of their app to be used for demonstration and concept confirmation.
  • Who owns the app code?
    You do, completely. We don't believe in holding clients hostage to our services. We want to retain your business because we continually prove our worth.
  • Where does the development process take place?
    During the Strategy + Prototype portion of the 3 Step development process, these services are produced out of our headquarters office in Naples, FL. Development takes place amongst with our dedicated remote development team. Testing and Quality Assurance (QA) take place at our headquarters. These development team works with our headquarters office on a daily basis so that we can streamline development and communication directly with the client, no matter where they are located!
  • How do I protect my idea?
    We work with a series of IP Attorneys that we are happy to recommend to you. While we're not legal experts, we recommend getting your concept into prototype form ASAP. This strategy streamlines the protection process and ensures your market-ready concept is what gets protected, rather than a rough draft subject to significant changes.
  • Will I be working with the same people throughout the process?
    Yes, our S&P process grants you direct access to a dedicated project manager, UI/UX designer, graphic designer, QA tester, strategist, and support team.
  • How much does it cost to build an app?
    As a custom software developer, we estimate costs based on the specific needs of your project. App development typically ranges from $50k to well over $100k, depending on your business requirements. We collaborate with you to construct exactly what you need for a successful app, and nothing superfluous.
  • How can I secure funding?
    Our S&P process equips you with everything needed to attract investors and convincingly articulate your app's value. We also have a select group of internal investors who can review your concept if it aligns with your plans.
  • What are the maintenance costs?
    While we don't mandate a maintenance fee, costs can vary depending on the scale and intent of the application. This will be discussed during the customized Strategy & Prototyping (S&P) process.
  • What if I need modifications or repairs?
    Divine Digital is a long-term partner. We seek clients for whom we can act as a dedicated support/tech team throughout the lifespan of their business.
  • What kind of support does Divine Digital offer?
    We scale our support with your needs, offering everything from 10 discounted support hours per month to dedicated team members for your software.
  • Will Divine Digital help me promote my app?
    As a full-service developer, we leverage our strategic marketing partners to provide custom marketing strategy and promotional packages.

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