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To begin the prototype phase, we will organize your idea into comprehensive scope documentation. Once the concept is thoroughly scoped, we will create a wireframe interface optimized for your selected platform. At its completion you will have a detailed interface mapping out your entire website. Lastly, we will bring your system to life by intertwining your brand throughout the interface giving you the true feel of your website before entering into development.

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User Interface Design

Let's get visual! You've thought about what your concept may look like, but in this step we'll provide you with your first visualization of the interface. All features will be laid out in a black and white interface to allow for focus in ensuring all elements are configured to your liking.

User Experience Design

Visualization of your concept is going to be exciting.. but how will users interact with your website? We'll lay the groundwork for your users' experience, prototyping out the interface to give you a tangible representation of your website; before it's even been developed!

Brand Identity

Your site may be the first interaction a potential client has with your brand. Thatʼs why we ensure your identity is represented in the interface. Our team will use your existing branding to design a truly custom interface that clearly embodies and communicates your brandʼs identity.

Ready to get started?

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