Our Process

Before we get started on building your app, let's talk about the overall process of app development. It's worth parking on for a bit, because we have a really unique way of doing this.

We take a very simple 3-Step Approach to app building:

  • The Wireframe

  • The Design

  • The Development

Step 1: The Wireframe

The Wireframe is a skeletal 3-dimensional sketch of the app that represents layout and placement. In many ways, this is the most important step because it is foundational. It effectively serves as a blueprint for the entire process. Once we are presented with your concept, preferences and ideas, our Design Team creates a very detailed black-and-white digital sketch of what your app will look like. This includes all screens with a representation of all key features and functionality.

Now, we take wireframing to another level by providing a working prototype with moving screens that is upload-able to your mobile device.

Step 2: The Design

At this point, we're going to bring color and life to the Wireframe. In the process we will build a strong, attractive brand for your app including all fonts, colors and elements. The look and feel of the app is important to the audience you are targeting - so we take special care to ensure the branding is on point, consistent and beautiful.

At the end of Step 2, you will have a fully designed app that looks and functions (superficially) like the real thing. The prototype will reflect the design as well, which is a fantastic tool to use to get early buzz going for your app...or even to secure further development funding!

One of the key values of our 3-step approach is that at the end of each step, you own the material outright. This means you can put the project on the backburner for a little while, or even take development into your own hands (not recommended, but you can if you'd like)!

Step 3: The Development

The Development stage is the most complicated and labor intensive part of the project. At this stage, all of the foundational elements created thus far are used as a blueprint to coding and developing. Now it's time to let the development team get to work and build your app! You've already made all the key decisions and necessary approvals...so there won't be any surprises. At the end of development, you're ready to beta test and finally launch your app!

We believe our 3-step approach is the absolute best approach for building out an app effectively and efficiently. The overwhelming process is made simple by breaking it down into bite-sized and digestible chunks.

If you'd like to learn more about our app building process, or are ready to get started, click here to get in touch with one of our helpful consultants!

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