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Getting Started

You're probably reading this because you have some sort of an idea for a mobile app. Maybe you've got a current offline operation that you're looking to digitize...or even more excitingly, you've got a completely new idea to share with the world. Either way, we are so glad you found us!

We understand that the whole process of building a mobile or web application can appear super overwhelming. It's a world most people know hardly anything about. You probably didn't even really know how and where to get started. You might still not know how to jump in! All you know is that you've got a really cool idea that will change the lives of many...and you want to bring it to life.

A client recently came in to our office for her first meeting after signing the contract to begin prototyping her concept. Now these meetings are quite commonplace for us, so we were ready and rearing; just excited to get started. But as she sat down in the conference room we noticed she was shaking! "I'm so nervous. This is such a huge step for me." We see that with so many prospective clients that are getting started, and we totally understand! It's a big deal to develop an app! That's why we strive to make the process comfortable and low pressure for you. By the end of our meeting, our client was laughing and joking. That's not an uncommon occurrence at Divine Digital.

Our goal (and role) is to lead you through the entire development process from soup to nuts and help you position yourself to have the best chance at success. We do this by following a very simple - but specific - stepped system.

As an agency that has developed dozens and dozens of apps, we know the questions that need to be answered in order to take a great idea and turn it into technological reality. So we decided to take all of that information and formulate it into a course.

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