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Samsung Unleashes Its Foldable Phone

Face ID? Old news. Wireless charging? C'mon, this isn't the Stone Age.

If Samsung has any say, the next revolution in smartphones will be...*drumroll please*...flip phones. Kind of.

It just unveiled the prototype of its long-hyped foldable, dual-screen smartphone.

Did the word "prototype" trip you up? In an uncommon move for the tech industry, Samsung previewed the phone before it's commercially ready.

Samsung has to give developers plenty of time to prep their apps to run on a dual-screen device. And given the smartphone industry's recent soul-searching (and its proximity to market saturation), developers will probably be happy to do so.

  • Google already said it'll support Samsung's approach on Android OS and guide developers fine-tuning their apps for the foldable future.

Samsung said the device will head to mass production in a "matter of months."

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