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Skill of the Future

Welcome to the Digital Age. Where power saws are programmed and agriculture has an algorithm. Technology is spreading faster than any plague has ever spread. Anna Powers, a Forbes journalist stated, “with all of these advances, it is no secret that technology has also replaced human jobs. In some cases, a computer is able to do things that humans used to do in the past. An example of such case is knowledge retention or calculation - a computer is much better in calculating numbers, and as a matter of fact, academic institutions have large computing resources which crunch numbers for the efficiency of research, instead of asking human beings to do it.”

So, with technology ever increasing, who will thrive in the next 100 years? What skill is needed to survive the Digital Age? Anna Powers says creativity. She states that “ultimately a computer lacks imagination or creativity to dream up a vision for the future. It lacks the emotional competence that a human being has. Thus, creativity will be the skill of the future.”

If people can possess an infinite amount of knowledge that is accessible through the internet, then having knowledge won’t be a formidable strength in the future; rather, how people creatively use it will. Creativity is the skill of the future.

Powers, Anna. “Creativity Is The Skill Of The Future.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 2 May 2018,

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