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The iPad Pro & Apple Pencil | A Perfect Match

The iPad Pro and Apple Pencil may seem like an afterthought to you. You have your smartphone for applications and on the go browsing, and you have your laptop for computing. So what would be the use for a tablet that combines these two aspects into one device? And the Apple Pencil has a $99 price tag, you can buy a life supply of Ticonderogas for that. There would have to be substantial advantages to owning these products, and let me tell you there are!


From the moment you unbox both products you will feel the quality. The first time you put pencil to tablet you experience how easy and intuitive the functionality is. Some may prefer pen and paper, but you will not find a more seamless digital interface to replace it.


"There's an app for that" is a moniker often used to describe the endless stream of applications in the App Store. When it comes to the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, you will find the most value within the applications you use them with. Whether you integrate apps like the Adobe Creative Cloud applications, or you opt to use something like the native Notes app, there are endless options.


The introduction of iOS 11 brought a whole slew of features that made the iPad Pro reflect the functionality we expect from our desktop computers. The iPad Pro has truly become a viable option to replace your computer altogether and the Apple Pencil only further adds onto the value the iPad Pro brings.

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