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Client Spotlight: HomePros

I tell people all the time, "I have the best job in the world!". Everyday I get to work with inspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners, successful business men and women in a multitude of different industries, all going after the same thing, success.

Success is what Luke Hall is after as he launches the iOS application, HomePros in the Collier County market in SWFL earlier this month. "The HomePros app is unique to each of the users that download the app" says Luke, founder of HomePros. That is because each user is able to individually customize their app with all of the Pros that service their Home. One app to store all of your contact information and service comments for your homes: Cleaning Service, Electrician, Painter, AC Service, Garage Door, Appliances, and more!

Also, the application is not just a useful tool personally for the user and their already established servicemen for their homes. The app also allows homeowners to browse recommended local service providers trusted and verified by HomePros.

The HomePros app was built with the homeowners and local business owners best interest in mind, primarily because that is who the owner of HomePros cares about, because that is also what he is, a local business owner and homeowner in Naples, FL.

So if you are looking for a practical solution to effectively store and track your homes professionals, then make sure to download the HomePros app. If you are a local business owner looking to gain exposure by listing your business as a suggested service provider, contact the app owner at

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