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Why the Adobe Creative Cloud is a Must Have for Designers

The Adobe Creative Cloud has made day-to-day use much easier for designers. Adobe’s products have always been cutting edge, and industry leading and their Creative Cloud offering is more of the same. Applications vary by your package, but most include Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign. Some of my favorite features offered through the Creative Cloud subscription are:

Creative Cloud Libraries

The Creative Cloud comes with 100gb of cloud storage for all of your files, and these files are seamlessly transferred across applications and even devices. Integrated into each of the CC applications is a CC Library window that allows you to sync colors, pictures, and other elements. This allows you work on elements of a project in the multiple applications offered, and at all times have access to the elements you need.

Mobile application

Not only are Adobe’s desktop applications high-performing; their mobile applications are fantastic as well. And with the integration of the cloud there is no end to the possibilities of creation across platforms.


One of my most used features of the Creative Cloud is Typekit. Typekit gives you access to a large library of fonts that automatically sync to your computer. There is a limit on how many fonts you can download at once, but you can easily swap fonts in and out if you reach your limit. Typekit makes it easy to find the perfect font for your next project.

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