Can I Start You Off with an APPetizer?!

As Divine Digital gets more and more involved in the app development service space as a company, the more opportunities we see to help turn a persons idea into an actual app!

Most of the time, the person with the idea, is not the person with the money usually, and unfortunately. The idea person is the one with the passion, excitement and vision for their idea and want to try desperately to turn this idea into an app. However, as most people quickly realize, building an app is an expensive journey!

Most people can not afford the initial development cost of an app that typically ranges anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000+ for most apps. And in order to get an investor interested in your idea, it has to be more than idea.

That is why Divine Digital Agency has introduced the APPetizer Package this summer! The APPetizer package is the package before the meal, I mean app. This package will provide the valuable items that are crucial in raising funds from an investor for an app idea (and we would know, raising over $200k+ last year alone on ideas).

Take a look at the package below, we believe if you have an app idea, and you are looking to raise the funds in takes to develop it, you should start with an APPetizer!

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