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WWDC 2018 Recap

Last week, at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference, the company unveiled the upcoming operating system updates they will be releasing this fall. From small tweaks to major changes, they released a slew of features that are sure to make users cheer. With the keynote presentation just over two hours, not everyone is willing to sit down and take in everything. That’s why I’ll break it down with my favorite feature coming this fall to iOS and macOS.



Apple really wants to help you manage your screen time with a great new feature they call Screen Time. The Settings app will now give each user a breakdown of how much time they’ve spent on their phones, and also how much time they have spent on each app. It even allows the user to set time limits, which can help regulate daily usage.


Dark Mode

The Mac is finally getting a true dark mode. The optional dark mode, which the user can toggle on and off within System Preferences, affects the entire system. Everything from Apple’s own native apps to all windows and files will now be much more easy on the eyes.

Apple is perennially introduced features that their users love, and the upcoming updates prove to be no different.

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