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I <3 G Suite - Introduction

When I first started at Divine Digital Agency about 18 months ago, I was tasked with creating order and efficiency within our project process. The team was using G Suite at the time and, frankly, I poo-poo'd.

How can a high quality boutique digital agency use something as rudimentary as G Suite, I thought. Little did I know, in the ensuing days I would begin my very professional - but borderline obsessive - love affair the the Google Suite.

As I cast a wide net out looking for the very best possible platform for a small team such as ours - I kept coming back to the simplicity and robustness that is the G Suite. As I dealt with clients sharing files and tracking projects on what I then would've considered our "legacy system," I found nothing but ease and a universality that is second to none.

The fact is: people just understand Google. And Google just understands people.

Over the next couple of weeks I'll be talking through some of the ways Divine Digital Agency uses the G Suite and showing our readers what it is the makes us all so thoroughly impressed by it.

But for now, enjoy this overview:

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