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The Pink Fridge

As we conclude the interior design of our new office space in Naples, we quickly realized that with a growing team that a college dorm sized fridge would not be sufficient. After contemplating for months, I decided to splurge a little and get a SMEG fridge for the office, not cheap.

I don't know if this was God's way of telling me I should NOT have bought a fridge for that amount of money, or as my wife thinks "a sign we are expecting a girl" next month or just some Bed Bath and Beyond employee's way of making his job more enjoyable by sending a bubble gum pink fridge to an office that ordered one in black?!

After anyone and everyone's opinion that came into the office and tried to convince us to keep the pink fridge, we have finally received the black one.

Our lesson from this...keep life fun, don't get too worked up over things you can not control, things do not always go as expected...and make sure to open the box before the delivery guys leave so you are not stuck with a pink fridge in your lobby for almost 2 weeks!

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