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  • 24 Hour Rental

  • Unlimited Digital Pictures 

  • Digital Props

  • Easy Setup and Take Down

  • BEST VALUE - Same Fun!!

"PHOTO BOOTHS ARE SO EXPENSIVE!!"                                                                                       - not our customers

Photo booths are all the rage at any party you go to...when the host can afford them.  Being able to capture a photo with your friends at any event is crucial in this digital age.  If you don't have a photo that you can post to social media, did you even go to the event?  

Our photo kiosk are the only of its kind in this industry, with a price point that can not be beat.  Host are allowed to rent our booths for an entire 24 hour period, you pick it up, you drop it off.  Also, paying for a teenage kid hundreds of dollars an hour to stand next to the booth your entire event while he just sits there on his phone not interacting with guest...is no more!  Setup the booth yourself in less than 5 minutes and step back as our patent-pending technology automates the entire event for you.  

You now have the cost savings to allocate to other parts of your event to make it even better. Rather than waste half your event budget on renting a photo booth that can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars, get an iPHOTO from Divine Digital Agency for your next event! 

To reserve the iPHOTO for your next event, fill out the form below.  Write "iPHOTO" in the subject line, and tell us which day(s) for rental in the message box below.  A representative will then reach out to you to confirm confirmation and pick-up process.