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The App Building Course

by Divine Digital Agency

Unit 101

Getting Started

Released August 5, 2020

You're probably reading this because you have some sort of an idea for a mobile app. Maybe you've got a current offline operation that you're looking to digitize...or even more excitingly, you've got a completely new idea to share with the world. Either way, we are so glad you found us!


Unit 102

Defining Your Concept

Released: August 12, 2020

You've got an idea...that's why you're here!

It may already be a fairly developed idea, or you may be working from a raw concept that you need to chew through.


Unit 103

Determining Functionality

Released August 14, 2020

Let's get to the fun stuff. At this stage, we've already determined crucial details about the problem you're looking to solve, who the app is for and how you plan to stand out from your competition.


Unit 104

Creating the User's Experience - Part 1

Released August 14, 2020

This lesson is all about the usability of the app. We’re going to talk about Creating the User’s Experience. We’re going to take all of the things we created in lessons 101 to 103 and build upon that foundation.


Unit 105

Creating the User's Experience - Part 2

Released August 18, 2020

This unit picks up where the previous one left off. Remember, we’ve been talking about UI/UX and Creating the User’s Experience.


Unit 106

Technology & Platforms

Released August 21, 2020

We’ve talked about the user’s journey, the major functions, and we’ve even talked about fonts and colors. But we need to circle back a bit to some more baseline technical questions.


Unit 107

Creating a Development Strategy

Released August 21, 2020

Now that we’ve spent a good amount of time talking through what your app needs to BE...let’s shift gears to talk about how to make this project happen, what your role is, and how we can set realistic expectations and goals to meet your needs.

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