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Own Your Audience with a Custom App Designed Specifically For Coaches

Our Blueprint For An Award-Winning Coaching & Consulting Mobile App Is Available For Customization 

Take Your Leadership To The Next Level.

Whether you're a Coach, a Consultant, or an Influencer; your followers are looking for a more streamlined way to engage with your services and content. Social media is fickle and "bulk app" subscriptions cheapen your brand. It's time to take the step of having your own iOS and Android application.

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Get Your Own Coaching App
for a Fraction of the Cost!

Using our Award-Winning Blueprint, get your own impressive native application for a fraction of the typical cost of fully custom development.

iOS & Android

React Native development on

iOS (iPhone) and Android. This means it is YOUR app.

Award-Winning Blueprint

Our coaching app base model is a Davie Award Winner and proven user satisfaction. 

Fully Customizable

Start with our base model and build on top of it as you see fit. Customization is not time-oriented!

Own Your Audience

Engage with your followers and contact them on their home screen via push notification.

Boost Your Brand

51% of customers have a more favorable view of brands that have their own app.

Tech Support

Get access to our incredible technical support team of world class developers.


Give Your Movement A Place To Meet & Learn

Imagine a digital resource library dedicated to your clients and followers. Stream live teaching sessions, post lessons, and provide productivity tools like reading streaks, note taking and even a voice recorder. 


Engaging Features To Connect You With Your Clients

Your Coaching App includes all these awesome features...and more!

Don't see a feature you're hoping for? We can build it!

Video Library


Voice Recorder

Group Management


Website Interface


Note Taking

Event Management



Why Should I Have
An App?

Do you really need an app? 51% of your potential market say so. But other than increased value perception, how does your Coaching, Consulting or Training business benefit from a mobile app?

  • Apps offer INSTANT communication with your audience.

  • Apps are ASSETS and increase your overall business valuation.

  • Apps are EASIER to operate than a website.

And most important...

  • Your COMPETITION already has an app.

whydo i need
  • Is This App Fully Customizable?
    Yes. Your app will based on a very specific blueprint. Our standard packages include duplication and rebranding; but you can get as customized as you want from there. You can enhance features, add new ones, and really build a totally different blueprint entirely if you so choose. We recommend starting off with minor enhancements and going to market with an MVP (minimally viable product) before adding too much. Remember, this blueprint is already award winning and built specifically for coaches and consultants like you.
  • How long does it take?
    Depending on how customized you choose to get, the average development time is about six weeks from execution to launch.
  • What is the price?
    The price is entirely dependent on how customized you choose to get. The basic rebrand package starts at $12,500. A $15,000-$19,500 budget is a safe bet if you're looking to add enhancements and tweaks to the blueprint. Don't worry, our team will guide you to stay within your stated budget!
  • What happens after the app is built?
    After the app is completed, it will be published to the App Store (Apple) and the Play Store (Google). Your app will be hosted with Google Cloud Hosting at a fee of approximately $100/month. The hosting fee is dependent upon usership. From there, you have the option to engage the development team for ongoing technical support, enhancements, etc. The beauty of creating your own app is that you can add new features and capabilities down the line as your business grows! We also offer marketing services, including App Store Optimization (ASO).
  • Will I own the app and its code?
    Yes! This app will be entirely yours. You will own the code and all attributed assets. While we set up hosting for you, you have the option to walk away with it and host it on your own.
  • Why not just subscribe to a white label app service?
    White label app services do not allow for feature customization and tend to have pretty hefty subscription fees that add up over time. Most app services have significant limitations and just aren't "quite right" for what you're looking for. Our award-winning blueprint is entirely customizable to exactly what you're looking for. Stick with the base model or take it to the moon. All for one flat price.

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About The Developers

Divine Digital Agency is a boutique digital agency in Naples, Florida. We have built over 100 custom mobile applications since 2016, including several Award-Winners. In addition to custom development, we offer customizable blueprints of our most successful applications for a fraction of the typical development cost.
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